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Cause of Basement Leak

If your basement is damp or has a musty odor, it is a sign of a leaky basement. When water makes its way into your basement it dampens the place, followed by mold and mildew that create a musty odor. To eliminate the dampness, you must eliminate the root cause of the problem: a leaky basement.

Superior Basement has been repairing basement leaks and creating safe, dry basements for years. If your basement is leaking in Hartford, New Haven, Pine Meadow, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, and other cities within our Connecticut & Westchester County, NY service area, rely on the basement experts at Superior Basement to identify the cause and treat the issue. We are your local company solving basement issues regardless of age or size of the project. Simply give us a call at 475-231-3436 or contact us online. Services we offer include:

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What Causes a Basement Leak in Westchester County or Connecticut?

Typically, the first and foremost reason behind a basement leak is cracks or gaps on the wall. When any structure is built the soil is dug and backfilled after the construction of the basement. In most times the soils surrounding your basement aren't fully compacted after the backfilling. Consequently, during heavy rain, the water is absorbed more than usual as the lesser the soil density is the greater the water absorption. In the process the soil expands and starts to put pressure on the basement walls, leading to cracks.

Now, our ground is saturated with water to a certain extent, but after rain when soil absorbs water, it starts to be fully saturated. Eventually, the soil can no longer absorb water but due to the rain, the amount of water is still increasing. In such situations due to the pressure of the access water on it, the soil starts to absorb the water while pressuring the previously absorbed water to move. Hence, water is pushed to get into the basement through the cracks and gaps if existed.

How To Identify a Basement Leak

Mold and Mildew

Water stains on wall and floor

Rust stain on the metal surface

Damp and crack on wall and floor

Water bugs


Fix Your Leaky Basement with Superior Basement in Hartford & New Haven

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