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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier & Moisture Control Services in Newtown, NY

For more than a decade, the moisture control specialists from Superior Basement have provided the best available waterproofing services for both basements & crawlspaces in Newtown, NY. Our IICRC-certified crews meet the highest industry standards for crawl space repair, foundation repair, leaking crack repair, drainage systemsmoisture control, and more!

When you need help with water seepage or leakage problems in your basement, foundation problems such as cracks & leaks, or even a moldy crawl space, give us a call in Newtown at 475-231-3436 for superior solutions from our experienced team.

Protect Crawl Space & Save Energy With Vapor Barrier in Newtown, NY

Protect Crawl Space & Save Energy With Crawl Space Vapor Barrier in Newtown

Superior Basement has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to installing vapor barriers for crawl spaces. Our highly-developed and time-tested vapor barriers provide your crawl space with excellent moisture protection that keeps off the negative effects of excess moisture. We can install a custom vapor barrier that will perfectly fit the corners of your Newtown crawl space. Our vapor barriers help you save on heating bills as well as ensuring a healthy environment for you and your family in Newtown

Benefits of a Vapor Barrier in Newtown, NY

  • Highly engineered & tested barrier that offers proven protection against excess moisture.
  • Prevents the crawl space from becoming hospitable to mold.
  • Keeps the crawl space environment clean and healthy, while offering additional warmth.
  • Energy-saving capabilities allow you to save on heating bills.

Go With Superior Basement For Moisture Control in Newtown, NY

Mold growth occurs due to excess moisture like a water source and usually starts below ground level, in your basement or crawl space area. Molds begin feeding, spreading, and releasing thousands of microscopic spores in the air within a small 48hr window. Moldy conditions are known to harm human health by causing breathing difficulties, allergic reactions, skin irritation, throat irritation, sore eyes, and more. The longer you wait to take any action, the longer you risk the health of your family.

Specialized equipment allows our experts to monitor moisture levels, and return them back to normal conditions where it is no longer a threat. Superior Basement’s IICRC certified technicians can properly eliminate mold, dust mites & odor from your crawl space and basement in Newtown.

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